Ultimate World Correspondence Go Championship

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For a long time, correspondence Go players around the world did not have the opportunity to determine their champions. But now that time has come! (Quote from the room presentation)

We can mention another group with annual titles tournaments:

But whatever, good luck with your ultimate world tournaments!


Thank you for your good wishes! :+1:

I’m here again. :grin: I rethought the championship system and now it is the way I wanted it to be. All changes have already been made on the group page.

It’s time to play the title of the very First Absolute World Champion. Welcome to the tournament and good luck!

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Absolute without absolute timing? hum.

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I mean “absolute”, not “absolutely ruthless”. :sweat_smile:

So what is your idea beyond absolute ?

Single elimination, random pairing and auto handicap :sweat_smile:

The new tournament is the best start to the new year. :grinning: Let me invite you to the first regular tournament of the UWCGC! The tournament, as always, is open to everyone, so play yourself and invite your friends. Enough space for everyone! :partying_face:

I thought you were intentionally making a pun with absolute, but maybe not. In case you weren’t, absolute means “total and complete”, to emphasize the “ultimate” and “world” parts of the championship.

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Well actually i was really trying to understand how the meaning of absolute is fitting with a tournament, as i see absolute like the opposite to relative.

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