Unable to create bot game with "(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻ (21k)"

When I try to create a game with the robot “(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻ (21k)” I get a page not found error. Is there anything am doing wrong? Thanks

I had the same problem

Same here. That bot does not appear to be functional.

kind of annoying since the begginer one is sort of dumb and Natsu is just too strong xD (i know i know I suck xD)

Using the instructions in its profile - (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻ - I could create a game. It sure takes long for it to play though.

I apologize for the bot rejecting your game requests. However, it’s more an experiment than a useful bot, at this point, and requires at least 5 minutes per move on a 9x9 board. If it’s only playing one game, it won’t actually use more than about 1 minute. It might also reject if it notices it’s already playing a game, to keep from getting overwhelmed.

These rules and time controls should work: 9x9, NZ, Fischer time 5 minutes start/increment/max.

BTW, if someone is really interested in playing a 19x19 long game against the bot, I can log into its account and have it send a challenge. It might be interesting to see how it does.

I’m interested if it can be correspondence game

Thanks for the reply. I had no clue how bots worked, this gives me a rough idea and I can be a lot more accommodating :). Heck I might end up making my own bot someday now that I see how it works :smiley:

Just a thought… try playing against Natsu with handicap set? If it’s stronger than you you will learn from the kinds of moves it makes, you will feel less helpless (which leads to frustration) because of the handicap, and gradually the need for handicap will go away.

@saxmaam I can have it challenge you to a corr. game, or you can challenge it yourself. I should have said it needs at least 5 minutes, but it will take more if offered.

thouis, there are no time settings when challenging a bot (that I see, anyway). I just get the “page not found” message

@saxmaam - oh, yeah. You have to challenge it directly.

Funny you mention that! I just recently discovered handicap and i am happy to report that with handicap i have beaten natsu once! Out of ten games :slight_smile:

Ty for all the helpful comments. This is a very nice community :smiley:

I sent it a couple of challenges for 19x19. Do you have to accept for it? I don’t see the challenge on the “my games” page, so it seems like the challenge was rejected without sending me any notification.