Unable to edit news post in the group

Hi, it looks like I cannot edit the news post (posted by myself) in a group. The error message is:

Congratulations, you found a bug!

Our team has been notified of the bug, however if you have more details you’d like to provide, please click here to fill out a report.

Minified React error #290; visit https://reactjs.org/docs/error-decoder.html?invariant=290&args[]=editing_news_body for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.

div td tr tbody table div 4491/ns<@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/ogs.5.1-3632-gf0930725-9dea515c5f64b78d1bdc5fdf2e9334bb.js:2:201555 div sa@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/ogs.5.1-3632-gf0930725-9dea515c5f64b78d1bdc5fdf2e9334bb.js:2:152286 div div div Um@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/ogs.5.1-3632-gf0930725-9dea515c5f64b78d1bdc5fdf2e9334bb.js:2:817967 t@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/vendor.e8480f00ab61064e274af676f5d0c4e3.js:2:1066805 t@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/vendor.e8480f00ab61064e274af676f5d0c4e3.js:2:1067719 Da@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/ogs.5.1-3632-gf0930725-9dea515c5f64b78d1bdc5fdf2e9334bb.js:2:166777 div 4491/Qu<@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/ogs.5.1-3632-gf0930725-9dea515c5f64b78d1bdc5fdf2e9334bb.js:2:1132557 t@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/vendor.e8480f00ab61064e274af676f5d0c4e3.js:2:1064144 4491/<@https://cdn.online-go.com/5.1/ogs.5.1-3632-gf0930725-9dea515c5f64b78d1bdc5fdf2e9334bb.js:2:1229441

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Yes I also see the same thing if I try to edit a news post in a group.

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Thanks for the reports! Fix is in flight: Remove two string refs from the Group News table. by benjaminpjones · Pull Request #1615 · online-go/online-go.com · GitHub


I didn’t saw this ever :expressionless: :expressionless: :exploding_head:

Thanks for the quick fix! :smiley:


Sure thing! :slight_smile: