Unable to get a bot game

Lately, I have been unable to get a bot to accept a game. One problem is that the various doge-bots reject the game because they do not play unranked games, but I am unable to check the ranked game box, as it is grayed out. The more common problem is that all the bots I try say that they are currently playing the maximum number of games that they can.

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Contact the bot owner.

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But it is true for multiple bots

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Might have the same owner.

Do other bots (not doge) also have these problems?

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The most possible problem is that your level is too far from the level of the bot for a ranked game.
Then you can discuss with each bot owner, check their profile. See if they are interested in not ranked games or in offering more games.

Last solution if you like bots is to play your own bot, there are many to download for free even on mobile.

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noob-bot has and kata-noob have the same issue regarding being unavailable due to max number of games already being played. My rank is very close to the doge-bot I was trying to play.

This is a new issue for me-- up until about 2 weeks ago, I had no problem playing these same bots.

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So there are simply too many players. Computers have limited capacity.
It’s really something to talk with bot owners, OGS has nothing to do with bots.

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Few days ago I played two unranked games against doge_bot.
In the “challenge” menu I was simply able to check that option.

I had some problems to create the second game because of difference in rank: doge was 8k at that moment and refused to play against me 5k, but it clearly stated that in a popup window.

Probably the issues described on the OP deserve some more digging.
Contacting bot manager could be a way to understand what’s happening though.

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Maybe I have a clue:


  • Accept board size: 9x9, 13x13, 19x19.
  • Live game 7~20 seconds per move, correspondence game 7~60 seconds per move.
  • Play 3 live games at the same time at max, unlimited correspondence games.


  • Accept square board size from 9~19.
  • Live game 3~10 seconds per move, correspondence game 3~30 seconds per move.
  • Play 10 live games at the same time at max, unlimited correspondence games.

There’s a limit on live games.
I actually played correspondence (something like fisher 3d + 1d) but bot is very fast in responding, so it was just like playing live.
Maybe this could be a workaround for you, if you want to play live games.


Also, all noob bots, kata noob, doge bots and some others have the same owner. Check noob bot page for details.

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I noticed that most of your games against bots are private. Since all ranked games must be public, you should be able to play ranked if you uncheck the setting for private.


@Lys and @RubyMineshaft those are great ideas and they both work-- thanks!!