Unacceptable game?

This one has been sitting there for a while:

Can’t accept AdishBenicio (42k) 13x13 3d+ 1d Yes No Friendly Match

Since there are very few (if any) players with rank of 33k or lower, I think this guy might be a bit stuck!

[secondary question: how would this person get ranked games at all now? I guess he can play ladders and tournaments?]

I think he can just set his rank in settings.

Made a new account and tried to set rank so low that I could accept this game. Couldn’t do it.

I think enabling handicaps extends or removes the rank limit for a challenge.

Nope, his rank came from the “old ogs”, we don’t let folks go below 30k now adays. He’s been fixed up, and I just cleared out his challenge.

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