Underrated 9x9 Go App for Beginner

[11:23]Yutori Sedai: I agree, bot is good for beginner with one note: the beginner should be able to do undo. so he can go back and learn the mistake

[11:24]Yutori Sedai: I played igowin 9x9 when I was a beginner.

[11:24]Yutori Sedai: it is very good, we can undo and the bot has handicap system. if I can beat with 4 handicaps, the next game it will reduce the handicap

[11:26]FrostedNuke: Yutori Sedai: me too, I don’t hear about igowin ever

[11:26]FrostedNuke: grinding on that app made up a huge amount of my early go skill


They say no longer available (as app for ios and android)

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I agree.
On Android I can suggest “Go” (former “Go free”) from developer “AI factory”.
It has undo and handicap and that’s what I used instead of Igowin for the same purpose.