Undo undo? (padding)

a couple times in my corr games I or my opponent have clicked 'undo’
since its right underneath submit

this leads to a situation where you have to write 'please don’t really undo’
in the chat…it might be easier if there was a ‘withdraw undo’


Yeah that’s pretty annoying huh… i’ll put it on the todo list

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Maybe it is better to move undo button as on old version of site? And pass button too, so it doesn’t happen to pass by mistake and opponent doesn’t want to undo…


Once I clicked Undo just when my opponent moved and therefore I passed my turn. Yuck. I would put all off them in the right menu (with the exception of submit button).


Also, when somebody requests an undo, the button should say “Accept Undo Request”, not just “Accept” - that would be easier to quickly understand… the first time I saw it my first thought was “accept what?”!! :smile:

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Testing… I made the above reply… am I logged in now? - I thought I was because I just made a move.