In the age of fairly powerful search engines, there isn’t much of a point in doing trivia quizzes anymore to pass the time, at least not on a forum. But what about a long and hearty game of ‘Ungooglables’?

The rules are simple:

  • Present an ostensibly ungooglable riddle
  • Whoever solves the current riddle gets to pose the next
  • Initial time Limit: 1 Week
  • Easy / Hard mode

I’ll start. Naturally. :wink:

Easy: What do you call a male parent with an affinity for Apple products? :smirk:
Hard: Which character on which mtv series did not want to be called by that nickname?
Bonus round: Who was the only character to call said character by that nickname?


Easy: Mac Daddy
Hard: Michael “Mack” MacKenzie - Daria
Bonus: Kevin Thompson



@BHydden you’re it… :wink:

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Smurph never officially approved my answer :wink:

But he did! His name is right there under “liked this” :wink: