Unicode Characters and Groups

Essentially, I had tried to create one group with the unicode characters “⬤▲⬛︎” but what has happened is that the group seems to be created, but with 0 members. Attempts to join this group, or another I believe was already there “⬤” are unsuccessful, giving “<./h1>Server Error (500)<./h1>”.

ahh, I will check this one out soon.

I don’t think it is just unicode characters. I had tried to create another group http://online-go.com/group/294 ‘Ponnuki People’ but this has also failed. I have learnt my lesson now and won’t be creating groups!

If it helps I am using Safari 7.0.5

Edit: If at all possible, may I please be made admin of the group ‘Ponnuki People’. Thank you.

We may have a more serious bug there, I’ll check it out.

I have now fixed this issue it will be live with the next patch release (an hour or so)… I’ve also removed memberless groups resulting from this failure… you will be able to use unicode characters for group names. Let me know if you see any other issues.