Universal Correspondence Go Сhampionship

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The first championship of the UCGC started today. I am sincerely grateful to the players competing for the title of the absolute champion of the UCGC. With all my heart I wish them good luck and interesting games.

Today, on this wonderful day, registration opens for 25 kyu - 16 kyu players wishing to compete for the title of champion of the UCGC Wood Division. Traditionally, the tournament is open to all OGS players with a suitable level.

Welcome to the championship!

UCGC Wood 1 tournament started today (and I expect to take one of the places on the podium of this competition :wink:). But that’s not all. Today I am ready to move on and present you the next tournament of the UCGC. This is a tournament for 20 kyu - 11 kyu players for a place in the list of champions of the UCGC Bronze Division.
Join the competition and show what your stones can do. :sunglasses:

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Yo, experienced kyu players! Time to burn like hell in a new tournament. Grab your stones, shake your bones, yo. :grin: :crazy_face: :+1:

Hey, it’s me again, with the coolest news that I hope will delight you. The first news is that this is a new championship for players of the most senior kyu levels. It’s time to show the class and demonstrate your power to the general public. :wink:

The second cool news is that from now on UCGC becomes open for players to join. Of course, our championships will remain open and you will not need to join a group to be a champion, but now you can join a group to be the first to receive news and notifications about new championships in order to raise the group in the overall ranking or just show me that I’m doing a good job. :innocent:

Good luck and enjoyable games! :pray:


The time of Platinum is coming. Now all OGS players can take part in one of the most massive tournaments of the UCGC. Have a good game!


The time has come for the next tournament in the most prestigious division of the UCGC. Win UCGC Absolute 2 and claim your spot at the top of our Wall of Champions!

UCGC received a big update today. From now on, only one tournament for each division during the season (see the updated schedule on the group page).

I sincerely apologize to all the participants in the “old” format tournaments. A separate place has been prepared for you on our Wall of Champions. Your names will remain there forever.

I also apologize to those who were expelled from the group (that is, everyone but myself). Nothing personal and no complaints, but this is the new policy of the group. I am always glad to see you in my new tournaments, and you do not need to be members of the UCGC.

I have two news for you.

  1. UCGC season 2021-2022 starts very soon. In this regard, changes have been made to the tournament schedule. Please check them out on the group’s official page (link in the top post) and adjust your schedule to take part in the glorious UCGC tournaments.

  2. The system of holding tournaments has been changed to the Single Elimination. We have a real championship here, for real champions who don’t need second chances. :wink:

I am proud to announce that Season 1 of the revamped UCGC begins today. The first tournament is already waiting for its participants, so do not waste time, friends. Thanks for playing!