Universal Online Go Club

All tournaments that any player needs! Tournaments for training, competition, fun, victories and glory!
Many years of experience in creating groups, organizing and conducting tournaments are embodied in Universal Online Go Club.

I spent a lot of time searching for a universal format for group competitions and now let me invite you to become a part of the UOGC, a new group where you will find tournaments for any, even the most demanding, taste.

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The very first UOGC tournament is waiting for its participants. Hurry up, the faster the places fill up, the faster the game will start!

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There is no better time than Halloween for a small 13x13 board tournament. :ghost::ghost::ghost:

That’s nice and all, but can you briefly tell me the difference between this one and Game of Stones (of which I am very sad to see it discontinued)?


I spent a lot of time looking for the ideal (in my opinion) format of the tournament system for the group. I have to admit that I made a lot of mistakes during that time. But all I can do is accept those mistakes and move on. The UOGC is my vision of an ideal group for fans of correspondent competitions.