(unofficial) Poll: Support OGS with Ads?

Would you enable ads if the option was available, to help support OGS?
  • I am not a supporter, and I would not enable ads.
  • I am a supporter, and I would not enable ads.
  • I am not a supporter, and I would enable ads.
  • I am a supporter, and I would enable ads.

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Results are anonymous.

There was a period of time in the past that OGS had ads to generate revenue. However, the level of voluntary support has now made that unnecessary, so ads were removed. There are several forums threads discussing these changes.

Hopefully, returning to an ad-funded model will remain unnecessary.


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My memory of the situation is that ads made a very poor income stream. It is to the credit of the OGS community that a voluntary supporter system works better.


I don’t even want to answer the poll.

Maybe I would if it was coming from the OGS team under financial pressure.


Yep as said above we used to have ads and anoek set the collective community a challenge goal that if we could reach he could turn off ads sitewide and we did it because OGS is awesome and everybody hates ads. Thankfully there is 100% NO REASON why we would need or want to turn the ads back on, our supporters here are amazing even supporting one of the devs (anoek) to quit his job and work on OGS full time, we are doing well and growing bigger every day. :heart:


Good to know. I’m glad OGS has enough supporters to not require ads. I was just trying to get a feel for how many non-supporters would be willing to live with ads as a way to contribute.


Yeah, Ads suck. They get in the way and slow things down. I get that some sites need them, and when we first launched I didn’t suspect we’d be able to survive without them - I am very glad I was wrong about that though. For the Go community in particular, they were not all that effective to begin with, and when we proposed replacing the income with supporter accounts, the community rose to the occasion quite quickly which was awesome, so good riddance, the site is a lot better without them :slight_smile:

We will never bring Ads back.


:heart_eyes: :champagne: :champagne: :rose:


Ads are awful. I was so impressed that OGS was ad free. It was one of the main reasons I chose to support monthly


Ads also creates an unsafe feeling on security.


It can be even worse. On another go server I have to watch games with a head ads banner. Flashy and with animation sometimes.
A real nightmare which makes me close and stop watching many times.

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I love the unspoken in this statement. :slight_smile: