Upper left corner fight review, 6k vs 4k


I’m interested in a review on a specific corner of this game:

josekipedia was not helpful since we deviate from joseki early on. After white D16, I play black C16 which seems like a fine shape. White then cuts, starting a fight which judging by shape and liberties should be good for black, however my whole corner died awfully. I would appreciate any strong players comments on this fight. My thinking now is that black 25 should be at B14, starting the sequence B14 B15 B16 A14 D18 E18 E16 E17 B18, living (I believe) in the corner. I’m not happy with the result of this variation however, since black’s influence looks useless, and the center group is not even that strong.

Thank you very much for your thoughts!

The push-and-cut should be an overplay. The most severe option would be to atari and descend, and that result seems good for Black. I added that variation to the game chat along with another one that’s probably not as good. Maybe someone else can give a full game review.