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Is it possible to see more then the last 5 games with a certain user?

OGS supports stalkers, and I really do not understand what you mean…
When I find someone’s profile (yours for example - unless there is more of you stans) I can see all of your 46 games in game history and look at each of them. By default 10 are shown, but you can browse other pages by clicking the numbers in the upper left of the history pannel. Or make it show up to 50 games at once by clicking the numbers in the lower right…

Maybe the user played only 5 games so far? :smiley:

I think @sTan means this on the Profile page:

In this case I don’t think that it is possible to view more then 5 games on the profile page. However, you can filter them out in the Server Library:


nice work around, thanks baelofoax

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