User search does not include exact match to search term

So I go to user search and type “Terr”. Even though that is an exact match to a user name, it is not included in the returned list of players. How am I supposed to send this guy a message? Or even know that he is on the system?

I ran into this problem when trying to contact gogeo last TNL month. It went away the next day, so I’m not sure what caused it.

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I think the search is showing a limited number of results, and for some reason is tossing out the exact match. In the list I got, one of the names started with “tere” instead of “terr”.

I respectfully suggest that this should be fixed!

And if somebody can tell me how to send Terr a PM on the game site, I’d appreciate it.


It seems to work now, but I have had the same problem with terr in the past.

In general, there is always the option:

google (terr