Username color change --Difficult to see username on pm box

It’s too difficult to see dark blue on black. Changing it to white/light blue might be better.

In contrast, the site supporter’s username is much more visible:

09 PM


Likewise in the dark theme for the page, both are almost invisible


Yellow being slightly better but still hard to read

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I’m speculating, but, this must be a temporary side effect until the server’s been properly patched.

IDK, but this should be a front end thing. I think setting new CSS rules for .Player.nolink (as well as the sub classes .supporter and .moderator) should be enough to fix it, but IDK if it’ll have unintended effects on other places or not. I might grab a copy of source and test it though. ATM, it looks like it’ll be simplest to change the background colour, around #222 looks fine for the dark theme.


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