Users kicked from tournaments (before they start) can rejoin

I consider the following to be a bug but before I attempt to open my first Github issue, what do other people think?

Currently; if a person is kicked from a tournament by the director before it begins, there is nothing to stop them from simply rejoining. Over and over and over.

My feeling is that it should not be possible to rejoin.


What would stop them would be a report to the mods, who would ask the guy to stop rejoining. And if that request were ignored, then the player would be banned for troll-like behavior.


I think it makes sense that it would be disalllowed but Conrad’s solution works.

The advantage of not codifying it is that then there aren’t further corner case traps, like what if the person appealled and should be let in again…

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Without preventing a player from being able to rejoin, could they not then just sneak in at the last second right before the tournament is about to begin?

I guess the TD could kick them out after the tournament has started, but that could significantly disrupt things, depending on the competition format and when the TD finally noticed that the player snuck back in.

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For that particular instant in time, this person would succeeded in creating a disruption.

Then they would be banned.


Hmmm, yeah, personaly to me it too seems to make more sense for the kick to be permament. Dont think it is too often used function, but when it comes down to it, accidental kick (which I think should be a small risk) for one person and following appology and one missed tournament seems like a less harm then if one person ruins it for multiple people…

@kosh does that come from some personal experience, or just wondering? :slight_smile:

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Personal experience. My series of 'Fast Corresp. 9x9 “Out-of-Ten”. Starts when full.
’ tournaments.

In an attempt to improve the quality of my tournaments, I have been kicking people who have TO’d out of two of the previous tournaments in the series or anyone that I know has a bad T.O. tendency.

I started getting more rigorous about it after this one: NovB which thankfully is not typical.

That said, there are only 5 people on my ‘banned from these tournaments list’ and only one of those makes repeated efforts to rejoin. Previously, miniond2 came to my attention in the same way, by endlessly trying to rejoin even while he was and not playing his other games.

It’s entirely possible that I am the only tournament director who attempts to improve tournaments in this way so if that is the case then it may be considered a ‘bug not worth fixing’.

Part of the reason for this post was to see if other TD’s had similar issues.

Conrad_Meliville and GreenAsJade have offered a reasonable alternative (if&when the time comes) which merely requires me to overcome my general reluctance to involve mods.


Maybe. But that’d be a code change even if it were true :wink:

Seems like kind of a harsh punishment and it does not really prevent the original disruption.

Couldn’t banning a player cause further issues? Like causing them to then mass timeout in any ongoing correspondence games.

I hope that at least some sort of warning would happen first.

That of course depends on the circumstances :slight_smile: we do not really like banning users, unless we “have to”

Just to further what Adam said, the banning scenario is after repeated warnings - which note that the tourney director would already have started the process of.