[Uservoice] Notification for friend games

Idea: When a friend starts a game, it would be nice to have a notification so I can stalk them :smile:
(Posting here because Uservoice sucks)

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Posting here instead of uservoice is a good way to make sure this never gets implemented :wink:

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I thought “Uservoice sucks” was self-explanatory, but I can spell it out if needed.

I can’t post on Uservoice because I’m out of votes there. Maybe I could dig for those ancient suggestions where I spent them and recover some, but then I’d have to ask myself why I have to bother with this crap.
Maybe they’ll come back as voted-on suggestions are closed or removed or something?

FWIW, there is a similar suggestion on uservoice with a good number of votes:


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The Devs are working on this website in their scarce free time, every day, multiple hours. (I think 3-5 hours is a good guess). It’s a shitton of work, and they are doing a great job at implementing new stuff. To make it easier for them to manage all the workload, they use Uservoice. It’s the fastest and best way for them to get the features that the community wants most done.

Ranting about this will not help, nor will anyone, who knows how much time they invest, take you serious.

You want your feature implemented? Rally your friends, priorize your feature by taking votes away from others.


I don’t know how you interpreted my little rant as a lack of appreciation for matburt’s and anoek’s great project here, but I certainly didn’t intend it that way.
The ‘helping’ part is the feature suggestion. With my comments on Uservoice, I’m looking to vent, not to help. :smile: I’m also not aiming for the rant to be taken too seriously. Though I still won’t put up with that site.

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Thanks for the clarification! :smiley:

I thought of this idea today, nice to know I’m only 4 years late to the party! I wonder if anyone else would be interested in this feature and I hope my reply here bumps this thread up the forum a bit.

That link says the feature is planned for October 18, 2016, which has, of course, come and gone since there was any activity here.

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I wonder if devs still use uservoice at all. We’d have to ask either @anoek or @matburt