Vacation timer not updated for site supporter

When you become a supporter you also get a few perks!

"More vacation time! If you play a lot of correspondence games this is a great benefit, your vacation time limit will be raised to 60 days (up from 30)

I have just become a site supporter and when I look at my vacation time it says.

“You have 4 weeks 3 days of vacation available”

I was expecting my vacation time to be raised upon becoming a site supporter.

So my question is, when did 4 weeks and 3 days equate to 60 days or when after becoming a site supporter does the 60 days vacation come into effect?

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I think your vacation time will still only grow at 1 day per 8 days until you reach 60 days-- it simply stops growing for non site supporters after 30 days. Maybe an automatic reset to the maximum number of days when you become a site supporter nay be a new possibility?

When you become a site supporter your maximum vacation time is increased from 30 to 60 and accrual is increased from 1 day every 8 days to 1 day every 5 days. Your current amount of accrued vacation time is not affected.

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Ah! That would explain it then, they could have worded it a little clearer.

Mine didn’t increase from 30 to 60 days, as expected.

The way it was worded appeared as if it would increase from 30 to 60.
It looks like it will slowly acrue from 30 to a maximum of 60 days over a period of five months.

I’m a little bit dissapointed that I will have to wait that long for it to come into effect.

So the upper boundary was lifted but you still need to build up to that new level.
Think of it as a council changing the building regulations in a neighbourhood from strictly 1 storey to allowing 2 storey. The houses don’t all magically get a whole storey on their house, but they are allowed to start building one.