Variations and marks only visible after the game for Malkovich games


Is it possible to make marks on the goban and to play variations that my opponent will discover only after the end of the game ?

I would need it for Malkovich games purposes.



I believe you can share variations to the malk log just like you can to the main chat.

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Click on the button in the chat window to change to the malkovich log, and the option to record variations in the log will appear.



Thanks @pbgarden and @theHeat :slight_smile:

Yes, @theHeaT, I already saw that, I just need a confirmation that it works the way I think. That’s to say, variations as well as shapes, numbers, etc… will really be visible only after the game. I wouldn’t like to spoil which stones I focus on, etc…

@pbgarden, I understand that you had confirmed me that :slight_smile:



Please keep in mind, though, that your opponent CAN see the Malkovich entries if they visit the game with another account of if they are not logged in … the latter can happen accidentally.

I personally don’t care much about these possibilities though :slight_smile:

Hi all,

@trohde I do know that, yes :slight_smile:

A question to all: I need to click on Analyze if I want to add marks (squares, triangles, etc…, numbers) in the Malkovich log for my opponent (when the game ends), am I right ?

It doesn’t hurt to try, but I don’t want to make the efforts to number stones, to draw squares, circles, triangles, etc … for nothing :’)

Thanks !


Yeah, or just make sure the cursor is not active in any text input field, then you can hit the left/right arrows on the keyboard to enter analysis mode.

BUT BE SURE TO CLICK THE FRIGGIN’ MALKOVICH BUTTON BEFORE POSTING THE VARIATION—I have more than once accidentally shared my ambitious board domination plans in the normal chat instead of in the M log :-D—only share when both text fields are highlighted in green!

Also, the variations, with move sequences, symbols, characters, drawings, need to be entered in the text field above the chat, the chat text entry field below the chat is only for pure text and coordinates.