Various critique on user interface

Chat options

Located at a place you would expect only to affect this small graph. Repositioning to top or bottom of the chat window would be great.

Default options show starting games and challenges in chat. This is a really uncomfortable default as the server grows, and I don’t think many people will enjoy having those displayed in the chat anyway.

Log in-page

When clicking on the log in -link on the menu, it instead shows a registration form. It is somewhat strange.

And the actual button to log in with OGS credentials is really shadowed in the background as white text. It’s not obvious this text is interactive on a quick look. Why would it be any different from logging in with other providers to place this link totally outside the form.


I enjoy the concept of having some nonintrusive announcements pop up every now and then, but as it stands in chat these pop ups are currently stacking down and obstructing view of the user list. I really don’t want to spend time manually clicking away these announcements to have a look at who the top users are.

They should be adjusted to either take space from the chatter-area or some other area less vital.

– I now notice it also blocks view of player names when observing games, as well. Not good.

New game window

Enable Handicaps is entirely redundant. Handicap-field already employs the “None” option.

I’ve on numerous occasions tried selecting a different value for handicap only to find I had Enable Handicaps disabled. Doesn’t help that the two controls aren’t next to each other.

Not good usability.


I agree with what you say - particularly the announcements which are growing more and more annoying as time goes by and the login screen which may look pretty but is singularly unhelpful, particularly for returning players - I would have thought they were the most important group!

Also, PLEASE make the login form compatible with in-browser password storage like that in Chrome. PLEASE.

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