View game info before accepting

Is there a way I could see all the settings of a game before I accept a game invitation? I would like to see things such as who is black and who is white, is the game paused during weekends, is analysis enabled? To mention a few.
An idea would be to make the name of the game a clickable link where you can look at ALL the game statistics, or require a confirmation from the user after they have been able to see all the details.


Normally when you receive the challenge, you can read all info.
If the color is not specified, it means the color is “automatic”. If nothing is said about analysis, it means analysis is enabled.

I think the OP is talking about open challenges in the game list under the Play tab, where that info is indeed unavailable.

Oh I see. I thought the OP was talking about direct challenges. Info about open challenges is only available when you hover on the diagram.


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