Visual timer last seconds flashing

I really think this is needed urgently… its so easy to lose on time if you have the sound of.

Red flashing 10 seconds would be awesomesauce


Hm we had this, I must have missed the stylesheet for the clock or something during the update… I’ll bring it back, should be a quick fix :slight_smile:


Option for a flashing indicator on the board would also be nice. The clock is way off where concentration is in blitz games :slight_smile:
Maybe put numbers from 5 to 1(time left…) in the last stone played? I think oro or some other asian server works like that. It’s nice


I have said elsewhere before, but simply a flashing timer won’t really do it for my attention deficitary self … would a flashing background or something be possible? As an option, of course? I know it might seem weird to others but then again they also find it weird how loud my TV or computer volume is—until I tell them that I’m hard of hearing and show my hearing aids :smiley:

Colour me challenged :slight_smile:

Greetings, Tom

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See how attention deficitary I am — I didn’t even read @Pempu’s comment :-!

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I was just about to write a forum post that requested the same.
Maybe Pempu meant Tygem:
I like the time warning on Tygem a lot. The mouse cursor changes to a clock with a digit in it for the last 10 seconds of each byo-yomi period. There are also distinctive sound warnings for each beginning byo-yomi period, for example “two overtimes left”.
Maybe such a digit could be displayed in the center of the hypothetical
half-transparent stone beneath the cursor, when the cursor is above an empty intersection.

When one plays a 10 seconds byo-yomi blitz game on KGS, the timer will blink throughout the whole game, which is not very beneficial - it does not tell how many seconds are left, or whether it is the last period, unless one concentrates on the clock. Optional KGS sound warnings are equally useless in this case, as far as I know.
Combined with the fact that short byo-yomi is popular on KGS, this leads in my opinion to relatively many time losses on KGS.
Please do not repeat this mistake (I like that there is already a voice counting down on OGS (but only in the last period?)).


I was going to make a topic asking for exactly this, but then I saw their was one already up. I think either a 10 sec flash like on KGS or the 5 sec countdown on the last stone placed like on WBaduk and Tygem would be great. It would really help me from running out of time each game. xD

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