Vladcasm games at top of games list no-one can accept

Every time I log in, day or night for weeks now there are two games by this user: http://online-go.com/user/view/107364/Vladcasm at the top of the games list. He is 25kyu and always offline and I don’t think it is possible for any user to accept his games because he has never played a game according to his history. Would it be possible to remove them from the games list because it just looks like spam / is annoying to see them every time I log in.

I spoke to a mod a while ago about it and he agreed it was odd and said i should make a topic about it so here we are.

Done. :slight_smile:

The games were for ranks 29 and higher, which bugged out the games, as everyone starts with 25k rank.


thanks! this really assuages my OCD side.


Just found this and found it amusing. Hopefully it wasn’t to much of a hassle to fix, but I just never get over the odd yet simple in retrospect ways in which bugs can manifest.

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