Vote Go on OGS?

I posted this idea in chat channel and was encouraged to post it in forum:

I read about a kind of chess game called “voting”. It pits a strong player against a group of weaker players who discuss possible moves and vote on them. I think it would be a great way to learn about the game by discussing moves with other players.

The idea of having separate chat channels for the voting team and observers was suggested. Public versus anonymous voting was also mentioned.


I’m pretty sure one could create this kind of thing with the current API
Just a bot that controls a demo game and scans the chat for coordinates and then mark the board with number marker tool. Finally after the move timer is over it would make the most voted move.
People could join in the game by messaging something like “join black” or "join white"
All the votes would be open in this version.
Discussing the moves with larger group is almost impossible. People will disagree so much and the progress is so slow even if agreement is found. It might work for correspondence games though.

@pempo … so … the move that gets the most vote in a 10 minute window wins?

Yes… If there would be no winner by vote count then it could be random or the strongest voted move would win. That would mean that the bot would need to track the strength of the voters.

Edit: I think 10 minutes per move is way too long. I’m more into 10-60 seconds per move.

sounds very fun and i think that its a good way for those who afraid sometimes to play stronger opponents (like me :smile:) becuase you can talk about your next move and see the others opinions about it , and the fact that its a vote control makes it much easier then whole group agreement on each move , i think that its a great idea !

Would you be able to make sure the bot would not detect one person voting multiple times?

Or rather, would detect and would not count the extra votes.

Indeed does sound fun - We’ve considered this sort of mechanic for lectures, not so much for full on games though. If there’s demand for it for full on games though, I could see that being pretty fun :slight_smile:

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I have played this type of game on a chess server although it was a long time ago and my memory of it is not so clear. I recall that there was a separate chat channel you had to join to be on the team and people discussed moves there. I think also at times there were 2 chat channels and 2 teams played each other instead of playing a team against one strong player. It was great fun and hilarious at times and quite popular. Yes it is slow and I don’t know whether it would work for Go because a chess game probably only has 40 moves or so typically. Might be worth a try if it was technically possible. People in the team did discuss then select their move and the majority vote was played.

Some people claimed you could learn from it by seeing the suggestions of other folks and what they were thinking in the position.

There seems to be a conflict between discussing moves and a bot scanning chat room for coordinates. It could work if VOTE:A5 indicated a vote, while just a mention of A5 would be discussion.

At one minute per move, there couldn’t be much meaningful discussion. I can see that 10 minutes per move would be a very slow game. Pempu says discussion in larger group “is almost impossible”, but I would very much like to be able to ask stronger players “Why this and not that?” in such a context. And maybe not all vote games would have a huge group.

Oh god, TwitchPlaysGo here we come!


only need to find like 10k people spaming random moves :wink:

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Very interesting. I’d love to see such a feature.

Helix fossil on its way.