"Waiting for opponent" box is too big

I’ suggesting making the message box “Waiting for opponent” (german “Warte auf Gegner”) much smaller or move it up. The reason is that it hides most of the game requests, so while I’m waiting I can’t see if a similar game request is already active that I could accept… there’s not much use in having this huge box…



I’ve submitted a PR to improve (hopefully) the placement and feel of this box:


Oh! that looks nice! You are awesome! Much appreciated.

LOL - thanks for the thanks, I don’t know about “awesome”, I’m just tinkering around the edges.

It also does need to be approved: this one in particular is a little curly under the hood.

(Due to questions about “should this be modal, and how tightly controlled?”)

Either your screenshot is old or my OGS is just way more ad-free than yours. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That screenshot is from the Test Server - it does seem a bit adsy :slight_smile:

Hey that’s awesome, exactly right and so quick! Thanks guys.


Super nice to see this implemented. A lot of nice changes recently. Thanks, guys :slight_smile: