'Waiting for opponent consumes entire interface'

Hi there,

I’m very new to this site, but I’m a longtime user of lichess & chess.com, sites that seek to offer similar functionality for chess, and one thing on OGS has stuck out to me in particular. When I challenge a player, a gigantic spinning circle box appears saying ‘waiting for opponent’ - and while it is there, I can’t do ANYTHING else on the site, perhaps there’s a way to minimize it, but I haven’t found it yet… The ‘you’ve been challenged’ indicator is small in itself, so sometimes the player doesn’t see the challenge right away, and I can’t even message them to prompt them to look for it. Is there a way allow users to continue using the site while a challenge remains open? Cheers!


I second the request and solve your problem: open OGS in a second tab.

Personally, I have HOME on one tab, CHAT on another and FORUM on a third. :stuck_out_tongue:


At the moment OGS is inconsistent when one creates a live/blitz challenges:

  1. if you create a custom live game, only the creating of new challenges is blocked.
  2. if you use the quick game finder, you get a small notification on the top right in addition, showing you the time you’re waiting for a game (“MM:SS Finding a game…”)
  3. if you challenge a player directly, you get that overlay, blocking the whole site as reported by the OP