Wallerdog Twitch banner

Hi there…

Wallerdog is a twitch streamer who plays on OGS. Would it be okay if i asked for a banner for his channel (like Xhu98 and other streamers get), especially as he plays on OGS?

Edit: I forgot the link to the twitch stream. https://www.twitch.tv/wallerdog


These aren’t automatic. His channel would need to be reviewed to ensure it is content we support. As we’re volunteers we can’t watch every streamer but we will look into him for you.

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To be honest i didnt know that you guys had to reveiw anything. But that does make sense. He’s a 8kyu player, give or take. And he playes exlusivly onOGS. The only thing he does do, is drink beer while he streams, but i think its nonalcoholic? Its worth looking in to him. Ang good go content is a credit to the community tho. Thanks for taking the time my dude.

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I stream here Monday - Thursday 2000-2200 Berlin Time
The main reason I stream here is I’m a supporter so I can use the AI.
I’ve been away from the game for over 10 years and a lot has changed.
Lord o o Spoon has mentioned my Twitch Channel.
I also have a YouTube channel with Go content, as well.

Thanks for your consideration!
Les Waller (Wallerdog)