Want review... 6k vs 7k

Hi! I felt very weak in my opening, and caught up due to midgame and endgame. Could I have solidified my opening better? Thanks!

Here you go :slight_smile:

Here are a few things I noticed in general:

  • Missing urgent points of attack and defense: move 14 allows the hane of two stones from a 3,3 invasion, and failure to see B6 as double sente (most of the time) after move 23. Q3 was a big territorial move as well as one that drastically weakens the black group on the bottom right. Often occupying vital points allow you to seize control of the game.

  • Getting overly jealous of your opponent’s potential territory: Instead of always trying to foil your opponent’s plan, try forging ones of your own. That way you avoid getting into a situation where you must save many weak invasion groups at once, which is usually impossible. There are many opportunities for you to occupy urgent points to seize the initiative, such as B6, Q3 or even R17, but you were far too concerned with breaking your opponent’s moyo (moves 26 and 30) to notice.

  • Blindly refuting your opponent’s move: Moves 43 and 44 are a great example. Just because your opponent want something doesn’t mean you have to stop him from getting it. Besides, he might not even be wanting the best thing in the first place, so why not take a look around and grab the best for yourself? Very often we get into a mental state where we see what our opponent is trying to do and just try to stop it. But is it worth stopping? Or can it be stopped? If no to either of these questions, what else can you do?

Anyone is welcome to add/correc my statements in the review.

Enjoy your read and have a great day :slight_smile:

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