Wanting to improve on my go skills and review my game

I have always been stuck on 18k and i want to improve on my go skills. https://online-go.com/game/7115096 on this game i know i won by some dumb luck on step 91 where he should put on f2. So where do i improve on? Thanks!

I give you some of my quick thoughts, however (DISCLAIMER) I am not that strong myself and I did it partly as an exercise for me, therefore, take my ideas only as something to think about, not necessarily something that is truth.

anyway, I thought that you played quite strongly in the beginning, however your endgame seemed weak. Eiher it was because you were so far ahead that you didn’t care that much, or you should pay some attention to it. You won fair and square, you were stronger than your opponent throughout the match.

Not answering move 73 (L3) was a SERIOUS and potentionaly game ending mistake though. And it was not a subtle attack :smiley: tenuki with caution. You were ahead by miles at that point. Why take the risk?