Was there a website problem or was it my MacBook

there were quite a few problems tonight on play/game pages, and for a minutes, login page didn’t work.

have cleared all browsing data and restart my Mac, neither helped

Well, I ought do my part reporting that as of today the issue went away, hopefully stay away, on its own. It was the same yesterday, not matter how hard I tried the play page just couldn’t open.


I’ve been on the site pretty solidly the whole time, no problem here. Could be a regional issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

Today, the refreshing seems to be slow from time to time, and had trouble submitting many moves.

Also, a game ended without me seeing it. Although the game was annulled, but it says I was resigned, which could be an web error. It should be “timeout” if the other party waited long enough. I did not see the game, nor resign.

If you disconnected from the game, and the 5-minute disconnection clock ran out before the game clock, that is shown as a resignation, not as a timeout. Timeout (in live games) refers only to when you exceed the time control of the game.

Good to know, thanks!