Wasn't able to agree/disagree with the final score

Hi, I played this game against DarkGo https://online-go.com/game/10300777
and lost by 8.5, but in the end it shows as 23.5 as the automatic scoring didn’t allow me to mark dead-stones appropriately. I’m not sure if this is a feature or a bug, as I was playing against a bot.
If it is a feature, I’d recommend allowing to see how the score will be calculated, and if not desirable, to allow continue of play, so I can take the stones of the board and show they are captured.

Luckily it didn’t change the outcome of this game, but I hope this issue will be fixed in the future. Thank you.

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to fix automatic scoring. The bot would have to read out theoretical variations with perfect moves and check the outcome.

You can improve score accuracy in Chinese rules by capturing all prisoners off the board at the end of the game.

Personally, I recommend that you simply disregard the auto-result and score it manually in analysis mode. The recorded result may be off, but it’s just bot games :slight_smile:


Bot games can be ranked. In such cases removing the stones is probably the safest bet

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It’s a feature, or more like a safety mechanism. We used to have a normal dead stone removing and score accepting in bot games, but this allowed humans to cheat by marking bots living groups as dead.

So now we have this 'feature’in place ^___^

I recommend using chinese rules against bots, so you can first fill all the dames and then make solid connections inside your own territory, this might feel annoying, but at least you’re making sure that the automatic scoring gets it right :3


Yeah, that’s what I thought. I was actually playing with Chinese rules, but it didn’t allow me to continue the game and automatically accepted on my behalf.

I think that is still a problem, as at the very least you should be able to disagree and continue to play to show why the auto-scoring is wrong, or find out why it’s right. This way humans can’t know in advance what the auto-score will do wrong, and you might end up losing a game over it.



It seems like I just witnessed something strange with DarkGo’s program:

White passes in the middle of the game, and DarkGo passes as well for some reason, and then they “count” the score somehow with white ending up as victorious. That seems rather fishy and exploitable.