Way to end game early without loss

Is there a way to end a game early if the person you are playing against is offline or otherwise refuses to place stones? I prefer to not have to wait for the timer to run out everytime that happens.

Contact a moderator (they’re the ones in purple) in PM or the main chat. They should be able to help you end the game if your opponent refuses to finish.

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All ranked games (not tournament games! and don’t know about ladder games) can be cancelled before the number of moves is equal to the maximum coordinate number of the board. That equals 9 moves for 9x9, 13 moves for 13x13 etc.
This cancelling is like the game never happened (sadly there is a record of it in your game history even if the game is with 0 moves and no text)
It’s also very good idea to play with time settings that you can handle!
Sometimes the opponent can actually use all that time on a single move. Be prepared!
Once you hit accept then you ACCEPT the time settings.

If your opponent is OBVIOUSLY losing and then just annoying you and runing out the clock then you can go to Help channel (or in English channel) and ask a moderator to help you out.

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