Website for Teaching Kyu Players

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you guys know that I have created a website dedicated to teaching Kyu players at…

For those interested in getting reviews and playing competitive games to raise their levels, you may find what you are looking for here! We are still starting out, but we hope to grow into something great that helps teach many kyu players around the world!

Look forward to seeing you guys there!


Cool stuff!

Good luck with your website. :smile:

I’ve previously seen some of your stuff on youtube and benefited from it, and I have no doubt that your site will be a success. Adding to my lst of Go bookmarks now. :slight_smile:

Is still a living link? It doesn’t load anything for me.

To excuse the bump, let me explain that this link is still on Clossius’ About tab on his youtube channel, so new people are still seeing it regularly.