Website much slower for me with Firefox on Android since the v5


I have been restraining myself for reporting that since it’s not a matter of availability but of performance so not that important.

Since the update, the website has an improved stability: I’m not experimenting sporadic errors anymore e.g. “Error submitting move”.
Unfortunately, from my perception, it’s really slower and very unresponsive on my handset: same device, same Android, same web browser.

Is someone sharing the same user experience or am I alone ?


I’m not impressed with the OGS v5 performance on my tablet, but on my tablet it wasn’t any better with v4 (worse, if anything). Not that I care, I do not like playing on the tablet anyway.

Website is much slower for me too: long loading times for games list and games itslef.
Windows 7, Chrome. I think it’s server related stuff, not client.

I have yet to play a game on Android (Chrome 56.0.2924.87, Android 4.4.2, Samsung Note 2), but all other things (observing games, analyzing, chat, tournaments lobbies…) are incredibly faster for me.
Although, in recent hours I’m experiencing heavy lagging playing on my laptop, may be related to the slowness?

On my desktop computers, when I open OGS the initial load is very slow sometimes, but once it’s done switching between games is definitely much faster now than it was in v4.

For me, immediately after the upgrade it was considerably faster than before but in the last 12-24 hours it has been lagging. Boards take quite a long time to load (in listing views), submit move -button seems to be stuck many seconds before registering a push, etc.

This happens both on mobile (android 7 chrome on OP3) and desktop (current chrome on linux).

I have the same currently on Android, chrome browser.
Since there were phases after the update with very quick performance I hope this is just because of the current backup/restore activities.

I am having a similar experience (windows 10/chrome), where the server takes several seconds (up to ~8sec) to answer everytime I submit a correspondance move… :frowning:

Same for me here.

Mac device, Chrome browser.

I believe it’s not specific to me that’s why I haven’t provided any exhaustive feedback.
I almost only use OGS from the mobile and I can’t say how it is from the desktop, I need to spend more time on it but I don’t remember any slow experience from it neither.


for me too.

While my move is already set and I am actually waiting for the opponents move, the system still shows me for 10-15 seconds that it is my turn, even if its not anymore.

After my opponent apparently set his move on his side, the left upper corner - Message Number increase (like it should) BUT it takes 15-20 sec to show me this move on my board.

And the expired time is taken from my gaming time!
(I curently play a 2 Hour byo-yomi, so time isnt a game issue in this case)

(I am using opera)


I confirm it’s okay from the desktop. Not instantaneous but acceptable from far.
Both testing on desktop and testing on mobile are made without having cleared the browser cache.

From the mobile, speaking of my experience of course, everything is equally slow. Not only the page where I have plenty of miniatures of my running games but also when submitting a move, switching from a game to another (from the notification circle), etc…
Since, I’m somehow quite addicted to go and to OGS, it’s really exhausting and I admit I sometimes lose my nerves. Fortunately, I’m the only one hurt in those moments, hehe…
And apparently, I still can stand it, but it really lacks of responsiveness…


On the other hand, now that list view works properly I tried playing on the tablet once again and I found it to be much more pleasant experience than before… It’s definitely better today that what I had with v4 most of the time. I guess the performance varies according to the server load or whatever.


Since 3 days +/-, the website browsed on Firefox@Android is faster for me. Is it the case of others ?

I also had an upgrade to Android 7.0 like 5 days ago so it might be a side effect even though the website was not faster just after…