Weekly game reviews

Hi im an 11kyu on most servers ( foxy tygem) play mostly on igs because i use my phone. Im looking for someone who i can send 1 to 2 games a week for reviews . Im mostly looking at direction of play . I either seem to win or lose by 20 points and the odd ocasion games are close . I just want to be more consistent. Ive only been playing for 6 months and have been stuck on 11kyu for the last month :frowning:

Hi, I can offer paid game review. I’m a 5 dan amateur player.

For more information, please have a look at:

It’s obviously an ad. Sorry if it bothers you.

Zhihao Zhou

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@schumiweiqi – your post does not bother me in any way, and I think that most kyu players will probably feel the same way about this. Without it I (we) would not know that you did this, and your post was very honest and discreet.

Thank you!




hi im a 4k amateur and i can offer buy me a gift reviews pm me for more