Weird 9x9 game - 17k vs 18k


In this game :

I ended up winning but I have no idea how and I’d like someone to tell me where I did mistakes and where the enemy did some.

Here’s how that goes game in my head :

5 : I played here because if I linked, he could just surround me and if I didn’t, he could come in and if I blocked at G4, he could split and atari.

He did split and atari the other stone. By 10, I assumed that at least one of my stones was dead so I let G4 die and defended the other two.

The game continues untill 24 with both of us trying to get territory and attack on the territory limits. And out of nowhere, I surround his group. After 27, I feel confident I can kill his group and he kind of starts panicking (I think).

I play at 31 at B6 because I thought it would grand me more territory than B5 and assumed I still had time to kill his big group. That’s probably a very bad move but I’m not sure.

After 34, I start feeling like my group starts being in danger so I start trying to actually kill his big group.

At 39, since I couldnt play h5 or j4 right away, I played J5 thinking that it would help defend my future h5 and j4 stones. It didn’t go too bad but he kinda surprised me with his 40 move.

Then I’m scared so I just kill his group before anything bad happens, even though I probably couldve taken a bit more territory if I had played elsewhere first.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hey xavierm02,

I only had time to comment on the first 20 or so moves. I hope this helps you a bit!


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Thank you so much. It really helped :slight_smile:

One more question: about your alternative for the 5th move, how would you continue? Because when I link like that, I always end up with boring games where the board is cut in two by a huge wall and whoever placed his wall farther from the side wins. That’s why I let him go though: I don’t know how to avoid the “wall game” once there are already wall-looking things like that.

“enemy” lol

We non-native speakers can have trouble to find the right word, as opponent and enemy can be translated by the same word in many other languages. (e.g. the german “Gegner”)

Don’t judge too hard, please. It’s inappropriate.