Weird invasion, looking for guidance

Hello, I’m looking for feedback on how to respond to move 60 (white invasion on my 2nd line). I am Black. I’m a double digit Kyu, relatively new to Go and this was my 4th game on OGS. I’m using bots to review my early game and look for massive mistakes, but I’m confused on how to handle the white 60 move. Any feedback is appreciated!

Hello SharpThread and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

If killing the invasion outright is what you are thinking about, I do not think it can be done. Black is not exceptionally strong in that area and there is a lot of open space. I think white is entitled to something there too.

That said, to me your answer to 60 seems quite okay. With move 66 however I would have just protected the corner. Corners are really big and this one looked especially tasty. I think the result would have been great for black, as white would probably be busy making life for his group after being denied the corner black would have the chance to develop the left side to something big too.

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EDIT: I thought you had lost, so scratch my original comment.

I’d try move 67 at q18. The corner is the most efficient place to make territory, and it sweeps out White’s base. Besides that, move 71 didn’t work, so it should be at s17. White would live, but smaller. Then you’d have to play a bit of catch up but not too bad considering the alternatives.

The original poster won if I’m not mistaken.

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Thanks for the responses. Two responses suggested I should have played move 67 at q18. I see that the corner is bigger than my played move. I guess I can’t kill off white after 60. Thanks!