Weirdest OGS Game

Today, Nov 16, a very strange game occurred on OGS ( This is something that you might see in a game with a newbie, but in a game between a 5d and a 1k it begs explanation. Since white began filling in his own eyes, the explanation may go beyond trolling. Did the players explain it later in the general chat? Were they trying to set a record for longest game, or simply trying to befuddle us, or…?


Probably just screwing around. The real question is why did a moderator end the game. Either player could have ended it at any time if they choose to. In my mind the moderator had no reason to interfere.

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I had to request a moderator to end a game because my opponent would not stop placing stones. Even though the exercise had become pointless he still kept putting stones down. I had to yell for help (and got it with amazing speed! Thank you Moderators!).



I see, I was under the impression that a spectator called the moderator. Even so, why not just resign if you wanted to end the game? You were behind by over one hundred points.

Mogadet isn’t talking about the linked game Speedchase, black (who wasn’t resigning or accepting the score) kept placing stones so yes a spectator did call a mod to end the game so black would stop wasting whites time.

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Oh I see. My mistake.