Welcome to Four Seasons Tournament Series!

Dear friends, let me introduce you a new series of correspondence tournaments Four Seasons Tournament Series. First tournament of this series takes part on the basis of Go Beginners group. For future we are planning to set up a separate group for holding this tournaments.
Tournaments of our series start on the first of every September, December, March and June. Within the season Autumn 2014 three tournaments are planned:

  1. Four Seasons Tournament Series - Autumn 2014 High Kju - for 1-10 kju players.
  2. Four Seasons Tournament Series - Autumn 2014 Middle Kju - for 11-20 kju players.
  3. Four Seasons Tournament Series - Autumn 2014 Low Kju - for 21-30 kju players.

Up to 30 players can take part in every tournament. The contests are held under swiss system.

We will be glad to see you among the contestants!

Thank you for your attention!


Dimitrius, is there an upper time limit for these games, and if yes, what is it?

TIA, Tom

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Thx, forget it, 30 already reached :smiley:

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2 days


I’ll be glad to see you on next, winter tournament)))


Four Seasons Tournament Group is created! Welcome to everyone!