What about showing a go etiquette to all new players?

I think it would make the community a lil’ better if there was a list of courtesy rules displayed to new players.
Or you could simply link them to http://senseis.xmp.net/?Etiquette


And make them agree to it.

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Any comments on the occasional person who accepts a challenge and then does nothing???
It seems very common

It seems like some a**** h****s get a kick out of challenging … then just letting the clock continue.
Also some people accept more than one game … and don’t tell you.
Iam talking about the live games … but I also have a correspondence game that black has not evenstartedtwo daysafter accepting it

Get them engaged in conversation until move number 20 than let them do whatever the hell they want. :slight_smile:

You can’t force people to be nice. Besides, you already have the freedom to choose your opponents. I am making a habit recently of cancelling games against opponents who don’t greet or respond to greetings.

On the other hand, there are probably plenty of players who do not want to talk. Maybe they feel that they are here to play, not socialize. Maybe they’re playing on a phone or tablet and can’t be bothered to bring up the keyboard and type ‘hi’. I don’t think we should deny those players the opportunity to play on OGS.

The non-movers are probably just having some kind of technical problem, or they accepted the challenge inadvertently and don’t realize it.

I’m glad to know that I am playing on a server that values the freedom of its users. Other servers like to restrict your behavior in creative ways to make you submit to their code of conduct and the whims of their staff members under the guise of order and family-friendlyness. I’d rather tolerate some people’s ‘bad’ behavior and choose for myself to not play with them.


Many people don’t know English and just learned enough about computer to be able to play Go. (In my country about 1/5 of the Go population is like that).

When I think so I feel less offended when my opponent doesn’t greet me :smile:


BTW I’ve sent a few German speaking kids here who don’t speak English and have no idea of Go etiquette whatsoever, and neither of netiquette … please don’t bash them :blush:

Might perhaps really be a good idea to ask somebody whether they speak English before cancelling a game for rudeness.

Cordially, Tom

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A good point. I also accept that not everyone is here to be friendly. As long as they are not rude or escapers I can live with it.


I accept that people may not be here “to relate” … but it is infuriating for your opponent to “disappear” just when you have made a good move … i.e. not resign …just letting the game “time out” which is happening to me as I type this

surely there are experienced German speakers here who might agree to to tell them about Go etiquette?
Germany prides itself on correctness.
Is this any exception?

Sure I tell’ em if I can, but I don’t have “control” over them, and they may forget, and they also may be shy, sort of … but I think it shouldn’t be a problem to ask somebody “do you speak English?” in such a case, if only to break the ice, no? :wink:

Cordially, Tom

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