What can I do about an opponents swearing repeatedly?

Playing a Russian opponent who is using abusive language. Anything I can do about this?

You already did, most likely an admin or moderator will ask you for the players name. They will then contact said player and resolve the issue.

Next time though use the call moderator button, It can be found on the right hand side of the game screen. Next to estimate score analysis game etc.

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I got what the player said translated by one of our Russian speaking players, just to make sure.

He said “it is not russian, but this words are typing in english with turned in russian keyboard layout”

He said that he was swearing at you, so i got confirmation but for the first two it seems he was just asking where you were from.

“Ыщккнб црукум” this is “Sorry where”

“да пошел ты нахрен!” this is “where are you from”

“ты уже заебал меня как белорусский хамон!” he said “these words are swearing in the main”

“Достал. Гвоздин…” im not sure if this was also swearing. I didnt get this translated

The player that assisted me with the translation was buikikaesu.

You can also ignore users by clicking their name, then click the circle with the slash through it, that provides a very immediate fix. But we do appreciate you letting us know so we look into it and deal with the user in a more permanent fashion when appropriate.


Just for curiosity I checked that person out. There are indeed some other unpleasant exchanges with other users, though what I found most disruptive about his behavior is that he seems to join a bunch of blitz games and then not play a single move.

Edit: oh! and then there’s also the cheating: mismarking of dead stones, the playing of hopeless moves for timeout… bah! I’ve seen enough of this character so as not to like it at all.


Many thanks for the reply :smile:
My wife is Russian and she assured me my opponent wasn`t complimenting me on what a great geezer I was :smiley:


Many thanks for the reply :smile:
I also checked his games out, and it appears he is guilty of everything you highlight in your remarks.
Ive been a long time member of OGS and hes the first opponent I have had problems with.
Again thanks!!