What do I do at the end of a game?

At the end of a game, after scoring, the game screen won’t disappear. There is a “rematch” button which seems to make a new game that is ignored, but no other way to dismiss this screen and return to the “search for a game” screen. Help?

I’m not sure I understand … what about this link:

… which leads you to https://online-go.com/play

So the final game screen remains, and I just click another tab? That is confusing. I expect a final Done button to make the screen disappear.

Above the button that says rematch, you should see the result of the game. All you do is close the game. It will remain in your Game Library which you can access from the OGS icon on the top left.

Other option is to use the menu on the right of the screen and select review to do a game review.

There is also some information at this link https://ogs.readme.io/ (or help at the top of the screen) which may be useful.


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Thanks so much for your reply. My confusion centers on your statement, “All you do is close the game.” I don’t know how to do that. Your link was not helpful.

Perhaps I should have said close the browser window or open another link (e.g. home). You don’t need to do anything when the game is over. It will always be there at that link.

Thank you. That information in the Help file would have avoided my confusion.