What happening to time by a take back move request

While the lost moves leads to timeout issue is discussed widely the last few days I was wondering what happens to time when a take back move request is possitivly anwered. Is it possible to looses in this situation due to timeout or ist the time correctly handled?

If nobody knows for sure. Is there someone WHO want to test it with my in an unrated game?


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I’d gladly test it, with all time settings. I’d take time though, no pun intended.

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I will write to you through OGS Chat.

First result for conversation timing absolut. https://online-go.com/game/8063939.

The Timing of both players are keeped unchanged by the takeback request and the takeback accept. I think that is a reasonable behavior. Something that maybe could be discussed is that the player accepting the takeback could be gained the time back. But I think it is a minor difference. The big deal would be loosing by timeout caused by slow response after a takeback request. Which I think needs to be test next.

Maybe someone of the developers can give a small glimpse into how clock updates/calculations and timeout checks are implemented. It would help to finden tests for the edge-cases.
Is it the same for all timing-settings? What is the order of the two activities: timing-calculation/update and timeout-check?

Another interessting question is what happens to the clock if there is a long time between the move and the takeback request. Is this the amount of time the accepting player should be gained back in the moment of accepting?

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