What is 33.5 vs 33?

we all can run into it like him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts he has 33points and him :sweat_smile 33.5 what is it you tie but opponint won why?

I guess you mean Komi, and specifically the 0.5 Komi given to white to avoid draws.
“To prevent a drawn game in the case of jigo, the komi is commonly set to a fractional value such as 6.5”

I guess you might be talking about handicap games where traditionally there used to be no Komi but now (and on OGS certainly) it seems to have become the norm to give white 0.5 Komi to avoid draws. The are other discussions about this that I can’t find right now.


Thank you

If you play NZD Rules you get integer komi (7).


Well, it only appears to be integer

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Clearly OGS has decided to implement a komi of 7 - ε for New Zealand rules, but score is rounded to the nearest real number for display purposes :stuck_out_tongue:


And mods can manually round it to the nearest real number as well, as long as the result hasn’t been agreed on by the players yet.


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