What is better than Japan?

In my endeavor of promoting Go in schools I have seen that these days offering good prizes for competition is required in order to attract more kids to play. Recently I started plans to arrange for camps as prizes.
Long story short, I just seen a post, https://www.facebook.com/groups/go.igo.weiqi.baduk/permalink/10156939240911514/

This seems a very good suggestion. Accommodation is expensive, so buying a bargain house may be cheaper than renting or staying in a motel. Of course those bargains for sure are in remote locations, so not proper for study, that need to be in a club, hence a crowded location. Anyway, the idea deserves to be weighted.

Actually I have a friend, a globetrotter, a brit guy who goes all over the place, but considered to buy something in a remote place to sit still for a while. He considered my country. Coincidence, Japan was in his itinerary too, I presented to him this idea and he is interested. I presented to him the fact that being in a joint venture with a group of Go players may be of advantage, and he agreed. This needs to be done with the help of a local. And through Go community we can find somebody reliable.

So what do you think? Are any of you interested in traveling to Japan, and find this idea interesting? Or even not quite really going there, but just to be involved in a group willing to spend time in a venture to make this possible.

Of course this is a long shot, and finally will get to the hot issue, money, but a thing is sure, without a start there will be no finish, and along the way there will be a lot of discussions. And through discussions the sponsors may be found. And where we can find better place to discuss such a plan?



There is a new project for young players in Europe : https://www.eurogofed.org/seygo/