What is going on with site performance?


I mostly play blitz. Since the site got updated recently, a large percentage of my games end in one of the players experiencing an unresponsive UI, error messages when making a move and timing out because of it. It seems it’s better in the morning hours (I presume less people are using the site).

So are these server performance issues? I assume I’m not the only one because my opponents sometimes loudly complain about it. What do you need to fix this? Is it a money problem? The site was working fine a while ago, so I thought I’ll just ask…

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Until this gets ironed out, I’m going back to primarily playing on KGS. This is awful.


Now I can’t even start a new game and all I get is
“Ok” I guess…


I had a number of problems roughly in the time frame of the first two posts. I created two reports: 1st Existing opponent not found and 2nd 520 error

I also got the red (X) with OK.

Seems the OGS guys aren’t aware of the problem yet, maybe it is unique to the 3 of us.


Sadly not. I`m also getting the red X and often as not, just a plain old black screen.


As has just happened yet again!:anguished:


Gotten all except the black screen. Blank white screen (the other user probably set his background to black?) only .


Interesting coincidence that the first and second groups of reports appear to be separated by 12 hours.