What is going on with the clocks here?

I am in this tournament: http://online-go.com/tournament/2629

Its timing is listed as ‘3d + 3x1d’. But it looks like now that we have passed through the first 3d period, every move resets the player’s clock to 24h + 2x1d.

This seems very odd.

3x1d is three times 24 hours. So after main time you now have 24hours + 2x1d left. After first period has expired you will have 24h + 1d after that you will only see 24h and if that runs out you will timeout.

That’s what it’s supposed to do :smile:

The problem is it appears to be doing something else: every time either of us makes a move, our current period seems to reset to 24 hours.

That’s how the byo-yomi clock works :smiley:


You have X initial time, when that runs out you start using your byo yomi periods. As long as you move within a byo-yomi period the period time resets for your next move. If you go over, your byo-yomi period count goes down by one, and you enter the next byo-yomi period. If you run out of byo-yomi periods you lose on time.

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Aha! Thank you… I think the thing that was confusing me was that there were three of them (in reality, three chances to go over byo-yomi time before forefeiting).