What is Leela thinking here?

I have been looking at an analysis of a game I finished recently, and don’t understand the Leela suggestion in this spot:

Leela says E16 - that was not on my radar at all.

How is that “the next big move”?

As you can see, I went on to play K5. I subsequently lost.

Was K5 a bad idea? (Never mind how I lost after that: I understand some mistakes there already! :slight_smile: )

It’s not exactly easy to answer the question, but if I was to rationalise the suggestions, I’d argue that the top B group is still not very solid. The corner is still fairly hot.

If B get’s an extra move there, he can play D15 C15 E16 stablising his group completely. Given B’s framework is much more promising, stabilising this group makes it easier to change the potential into future points.

On the other hand, pushing through the cut keeps B group vulnerable, and gives W some natural velocity towards B moyo. Settling locally would be a little slow for B, so the natural flow springs W towards lower left and future reductions. I’d expect something along the lines of: E16 F16 F15 G15 F14 G14 F13 H12 D9