What is my Rank !?

As much as I like to see my game improve I look at my rank history and see that I range from as low as 12k to several periods when I was 8k and even one time when I was 7K !

I haven’t given any serious thought to what that says about my game.

I start off, say, at 12k and gradually I win games and my rank improves. After while I find myself at 8k but I don’t seem to be able to maintain that rank and then I find myself on a downward trend to a low point and then the pattern repeats itself.

Just recently I have been on a downward trend but the last 11 games out of 15 that I’ve won have been through timeout and suddenly I’m at 9k…

I have had the same sort of problem. I usually range from about 17k to 14k. I think that the lower rank you are, the faster you rank up and down, which makes sense, but I think it still is a little fast.

For example, I will lose a rank to a player one rank above me and get dropped down a whole rank, same thing with winning against someone one higher then me.

Maybe try gauging your rank loosely off your opponents ranks rather than just your own. So, say, if you normally lose to 8k players and normally beat 12k players and 10k is about 50/50 then you are probably about 10k yourself and the fluctuations in your rank probably have less to do with your changing skill and more to do with coincidental time outs or changes in the rank of opponents played as your rank changes.

Have you tried to correlate this with the types of players you are playing at the time?

I’m comparatively new, and looking from the bottom up, but often in threads that have “rank” type issues for discussion it emerges that the person with the question is not comparing apples for apples based on who they are playing at the time.

Someone (I’ve forgotten who) says “if you lose, play someone weaker next time and if you win play someone stronger, then you will have 50% win rate on average”. If you did this, it would be curious indeed if these large fluctuations happen.

Oh - it’s also worth checking which ranking you are talking about. The overall rank shoots all over the place in crazy ways, I’d look at game-type-rank for a more stable view.